BRAM GRAAFLAND (Netherlands)
Show “The Yelling Kitchen Prince”

Friday, August 9, at 5:45, 7:30 and 9:30 PM Opera square
Saturday, August 10, at 4:30 and 9:15 PM on AB dambis Circus stage

Ingredients of the performance: fresh pounding music, fire and a razor-sharp knife and eventually after a storm of twenty-seven-and-a-half minutes “The Pancake” is created!

Dutch artists Bram Graafland’s performance “The Yelling Kitchen Prince” is the only one in the world featuring Kitchen Organ Drum Set. Probably,  it’s just that no-one else before thought of building such an instrument. Bram took an old seventies keyboard and built a kitchen around it, including a sink, a stove and an oven.

The performance “The Yelling Kitchen Prince” involves cooking, playing the organ and drums at the same time. In this very physical performance that is somewhere between theatre, circus and a concert, it’s all about baking a pancake.

Do not get yourself puzzled over whether it is a circus, street theatre, a concert or a culinary show! This storm of a performance features visual, acoustic and fragrant experience. The show is filled with mad energy and is expressive combination of music and food.


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