Friday, August 9, at 9:00 PM “Esplanāde 2014”
Saturday, August 10, at 5:30 PM on AB dambis Music stage

Their first album, the band’s The Retuses leader Mikhail Rodionov wrote in 2007, when he was only 16 years old. With the ukulele, various percussions, bayan, guitar, flute and other acoustic musical instruments musician creates heartfelt folk.
Main motives of the band’s most recent album “Walz Baltika!” (2011) are childhood memories of the Baltics.
Many of The Retuses song lyrics used are by poet Sergey Yesenin. Band’s inspiration is the Russian artist and personality Alexander Vertinsky, as well as such musical projects as Beirut and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Mikhail Rodionov
Maxim Prokofyev
Valeriya Savelyeva
Danil Mudrik
Kirill Parastayev
Mikhail Lvov


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Photo: Yasha Vetkin