Screening at Splendid Palace on 2nd of June at 7pm.

Grazing the Sky takes a revealing look at the incredible physical exploits of circus acrobats, and finds compelling stories of men and women confronting adversity – including the real risk of severe, debilitating injury. The price of life in the limelight includes years of study and practice, an iron discipline, an ongoing commitment to learning new skills, and constant travel far from home.

Director Horacio Alcalá follows eight different acrobats from all over the world, intercutting interviews with artfully staged footage of his subjects performing breath-taking feats with poise and grace. Alcalá, who has been involved with the circus arts for seven years, including with Cirque du Soleil, travelled to 11 different countries over the course of five years to capture these stories. He finds a new reality where aspiring circus performers can learn their craft in specialized schools rather than through family apprenticeships. The trapeze becomes a metaphor for life ambitions, given contrast and poignancy by the ever-present risk of a fall.

Invitations for the screening at Culture Chalet “Esplanade 2014” summer every day from 12am to 8pm.

Directed by Horacio Alcala
Written by Horacio Alcala, David Bobee, Jesús Caballero, Patrick Flynn, Álvaro Pastor.
Producers: Carlos Batres, Aitor Echeverria, Horacio Alcala, Mariana Martinez Resendez