TālaMana (Latvia/Poland/Ireland/Finland/USA)
Concert production „ Songs Along the Amber Road”

On 6th August at 7:30 pm, at the Riga Congress Centers Big Hall

Tickets available here

TālaMana combines the forces of world-music fusion master and laouto player Jim Matus, Latvian singer Laila Salins, and the celebrated world music percussionist, Shane Shanahan. The name of the group draws from the Indian rhythm concept of tāla – which also means “distant” in Latvian – both deriving from Sanskrit roots.

The concert production “Pa dzintara ceļu… / Songs Along the Amber Road” is an exciting wandering along the mystical and legendary amber trade road, stretching through hundreds of years from the Baltic Sea to ancient Egypt. The program includes ancient tales and legends, poetry, different folk melodies and modern arrangements – from lyrical Baltic songs to Mediterranean rhythms and oriental moods.

Laila Salins, vocals and kokle; (Latvia/USA)
Jim Matus, laouto, laoutar and vocals;(Poland/USA)
Shane Shanahan, percussion; (Ireland/USA)
Timo Väänänen, kantele; (Finland)

Information about artists:
Laila Salins: www.lailasalins.com
Shane Shanahan: www.shaneshanahan.com
Timo Väänänen: http://timo.maanite.fi
Jim Matus: www.jimmatus.com
TālaMana: http://www.lailasalins.com/TalaMana.html
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKahXg8TWNo