“Viktor and the Yellow Globe”

Friday, August 8, at 19:30. in the square at the Riga Congress Centre

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Circus studio Folie was founded in 2000 inspired by a simple dream of the founder to create circus performances. Folie was born as a circus school, but it has grown to act as a main developer of the Estonian circus in amateur, social and professional field. The main activities are giving circus and acrobatics education as well as creating circus performances.  As a professional institution Folie promotes contemporary circus in Estonia.

“Viktor and the Yellow Globe” is created by Folie’s performer group FF and music band Criminal Elephant.

Every morning a Ministry employee is hurrying to work. Every morning he discovers that he`s job is redundant. Thus he falls into depression and alcoholism. Every night. In the morning he hurries off again, but in vain.
Every day the Sun rises and sets. The reduced employee meets the Sun only in his dreams.

This is an acrobatic performance on the metal monument.