The show “Tauromàquina” will be presented at “Piena Svētki” in the park of Ziemeļblāzma on August 2nd.

Animal Religion is an extravagant contemporary circus/street theatre company from Spain, which explores balance, sound, percussion, clown, animal movement and astronomy. They make their shows in order to encourage the wild and illogical within the audience, and to try to put a light on the weird routines of modern life. The audience studies the behaviour of the artist, not unlike a visit to the zoo, a tidy context where something savage might be safely glimpsed.

Who surrenders first, the man or the animal?

The concept of Tauromàquina was inspired by tauromaquia, a Spanish word that means the art of leading a bull, that is a cultural celebration all over Spain.
The traditional bullfight is a duel between a bull and a man, a ritual that brings us together with death. Animal Religion believes that people, just like the spectators of a bullfight, are scared of the dangours yet they want to see and know what death is. Tauromàquina is a safe but still intriguing duel that catches the attention of the audience. Using different circus discipline such as acro-dance, handstands and whips show tells us about the differences and the similarities between the humans, animals and machines. In this performance you can see the immortal machine express its feelings and emotions while the artist uses the power of the machine to create unthinkable and eccentric movements.

Tauromàquina is a street performance suitable for all audiences and different conventional and unconventional spaces in an urban atmosphere.

Artists: Quim Giron and Benet Jofre
Music: Felix Cucurull


“Tauromàquina” in Riga is supported by SIA ALWARK