The company “CIE NON NOVA from France will perform their show “Windy afternoon” on August 23 and 24 in “Zirgu Pasts” – a theatre space entitled “Mail of horses” owned by Latvian Academy of Culture. The show is an autonomously created world with the help of eight fans that create wind and make plastic bags dance. The impossible becomes possible. The performance – installation was initially created for the Festival of Science held by the Natural History Museum in Nantes and since then it has gained public attention at the circus festivals around the world.

Time: Tuesday the 23rd and Wenesday the 24th of August at 6pm, 7.30pm and 9mp (workshop starts 45 minutes before each performance)
Place: Theatre house of Latvian Academy of Culture “Zirgu Pasts”, Dzirnavu street 46

Duration of the performance: 30 min;
Duration of workshop: 30 min;

Age limit: 5+