RE RIGA! festival at the modern culture forum White Night 2017 will welcome the circus company “Sisus Sirkus” from Finland with the show “Mosh Split”.  Come on September 9th at 18.00 or 22.00 to RISEBA H2O6 hall “Aistere” and enjoy the show!

Mosh Split is built around a 7 meters high truss structure. In the scenery there is a camper van, and from there surprising characters and crazy ideas follow each other. Dresses can be made of toilet paper and the hairstyles finished with vacuum cleaners. Circus skills in the air and on the ground. Cyr-wheel, Washington trapeze, moshing, skipping rope dancing, partner acrobatics, swinging trapeze, splits, group spirit, humour and girl power – that’s what Mosh Split is made of.

Sisus is a circus company based in Finland. It was founded by five women in 2014.
Although the roots of the company have been growing much longer. The idea started to grow back in 2003 when the members of Sisus met each other in youth circus. They became a tight group of friends, growing up together, unified by great sense of humour.
​All the members of Sisus found their own path, all graduating from Lahti circus school in different courses. After graduating as professional circus artists the Sisus members have been touring the world as solo artists, continued the circus studies abroad and been part of different kinds of art projects.
​The dream of a circus company together has become reality. Since 2014 they have done several projects as a company, and in August 2016 they premiered their first full length show, Mosh Split.

50 min. For all ages
Admision free
Address: 2 Aisteres Street, Riga