Contemporary Circus and Street Art Festival RE RIGA! – circus in the urban environment of Riga

The Contemporary Circus and Street Art Festival RE RIGA! will take place in various places in Riga this year. On August 15–16, the Riga City Festival programme includes contemporary circus and street shows free of charge, as well as activities of the Riga Circus School for children in Dzegužkalns. On August 17–20, the festival will offer shows in the centre of Riga – at the Riga Circus and its neighbourhood, in the K. K. fon Sticka Villa and elsewhere.

One of the participants – the circus company Amer i Àfrica (Catalonia) will present the show Envà, in which two characters will demonstrate the peculiarities of human relationships by using hand to hand acrobatic and movement theatre, slightly involving also the audience.

The Riga City Festival will feature clown Murmuyo, who has already performed in Riga. This time, he will offer the Su-Ceco Taladro show, where he will turn to traffic regulation issues.

The festival programme also includes other visiting artists, including artists-in-residence of the Riga Circus Residency Programme.

RE RIGA! offers both – free performances and shows with entrance tickets.
Most festival shows (particularly those included in the Riga City Festival programme) are intended for family audiences – original, witty, and entertaining.

All appropriate safety and sanitary measures will be followed during the shows.

By attending the festival RE RIGA!, you agree:
– to be photographed and/or filmed,
– to give permission to use your likeness in promotional and/or marketing materials.