International contemporary circus and street art festival “Re Rīga!” will take place from 23 to 25 August in the new location of the Riga Circus – in the open-air area at 25 Zeļļu Street. This year’s festival is one of the events of the Riga Summer Culture Program, dedicated to the creativity and creativity of Baltic artists.

The festival will be attended by the Estonian-Finnish air acrobat trio “Big Wolf Company”, Lithuanian hand master Džiuga Kunsmanas, Latvian object manipulation and juggling artist Dmitrijs Pudovs, Estonian-Finnish acrobat couple “SaBoK Circus”. Latvian Sira Wheel artist Aleksejs Smolovs and like-minded people will close the festival this year with a new work “Thread” created and adapted especially for the festival site. “Re Riga!” The festival ‘s creative director Mārtiņš Ķibers emphasizes that such “site specific” performances leave a lasting impression on the visitor, as it allows the viewer to feel as part of the work of art.

Festival “Re Rīga!” In cooperation with the international project “Baltic Circus on the road”, the program has included two topical performances of the project participants. The circus artists’ associations Big Wolf Company and SaBoK Circus passed a fierce competition and were evaluated as the most promising contemporary circus performances in the Baltics. The artists were given the opportunity to participate in creative residencies and, under the supervision of international curators, to develop and improve their performances so that they would better attract the attention not only of Baltic spectators, but also European festival creators and be included in international festivals. Festival “Re Riga!” In the program, viewers will have a unique opportunity to appreciate the artists’ creativity before moving on to New Circus Week in Vilnius and the Baltic Circus views “Epicirq” in Tallinn.

Street art and contemporary circus festival “Re Rīga!” is the ninth year, it is the largest contemporary circus and street art event in the Baltics. Every year, the festival introduces the audience to new forms of culture, hitherto little known here. In parallel with the performances, there will be an educational program for children “Playground”, which takes place in cooperation with the Riga Circus School.

The Riga Circus has found its temporary home at the former Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry of the University of Latvia at 25 Zeļļu Street since this year, and the large park around it provides an opportunity for festival-goers to enjoy performances in the country. In order not to exceed the number of visitors to the event, spectator registration for the performances will be organized. Information about applying for the events will follow on the festival’s social network Facebook profile and website.

Festival RE RIGA! The performance “Riga Summer 2021” is supported by the Riga City Council and the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council.

Admission to events – free of charge.