Belgian circus company “Be Flat” was founded by Ward Mortier and Thomas Decaesstacker in 2017. Both talented artists come from a parkour background, which brought them together in 2008. As residents of an urban environment, the artists are interested in creating a dialogue with the surrounding public space during their performances.


“Double You” is a social experiment in the form of circus art which concentrates on FOMO or, in other words, “Fear of Missing Out”. By dividing both the stage and the audience in two parts they perform two different yet still interconnected shows. However, the lights, shadows and sounds from the other show that cannot be seen raises some questions for the spectators: Why am I sitting on this side? What is happening on the other side? What am I missing out on? etc.

Duration: 60 minutes

Age: +6

Discipline: double-show; acrobatics

Credits : 

Artists : Ward Mortier, Thomas Decaesstecker, Mehdi Delanoeije, Dario Tabakov, Tars Van Der Vaerent.

Dramaturgy : Craig Weston

Lights : David Carney

Outsider’s view : Zora Snake, Jesse Huygh, Sander Decuyper, Gianna Sutterlet

Sound : Marie-Anne Standaert, Stijn Dickel, Celestin Massot

Costumes and stage design : Ella Courvoisier



“Follow Me” is a site-specific performance that combines parkour with the elements of circus. It has been a unique highlight in plenty of international circus festivals. The artists are moving up and down the buildings, roofs, balconies and even the inside of chimneys. In the meantime, the spectators, based on the title of the show, follow them around and participate in the process.

Duration: 60 minutes

Age: +6

Discipline: parkour; urban sports; acrobatics

Credits :

Artists and directors : Ward Mortier, Thomas Decaesstecker

Dramaturgical advice : Craig Weston

Outsider’s view : Sander De Cuyper

Music :  Karen Van Shaik


The show is a  part of the “Rīgas vasara 2022” program.

Photo credit : Jimmy Kets