K(I)M (Germany)

Saturday, August 10, at 5:05 PM “Esplanāde 2014”
Sunday, August 11, at 3:00 PM AB dambis Music stage

K(I)M stands for Kay, Iwanka and Mike – the first names of, respectively, Degner *drums, Skrivanek *keyboard and Hentz *Jews harps – a trio of musicians living and working in Berlin, DE.

K(I)M is two generations of German cutting edge music, and a myriad of different musical worlds, united under the same umbrella by shamanic trance master Mike Hentz. Kay, or the K, comes from the world of psychedelic rock (most famously drumming since the 90s with Mamasweed). Iwanka, the I, is a composer, sound designer, soundtracker and dj with an armoir full of golden tales from the wild east. And the M, Mike Hentz, has made his mark in the realms of art, punk/new wave, experimental (with Bob Rutman and Faust’s H.-J. Irmler) and world fusion (with Cologne Music Connection).

Kay Degner
Iwanka Skrivanek
Mike Hentz

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