Performance “1½“

Saturday, August 10, at 4:00 PM on AB dambis “Noass” stage
Sunday, August 11, at 3:00 and 5:45 PM on AB dambis “Noass” stage

Performer / idea / script: Frida Odden Brinkmann
Director / idea co-author: Rudi Skotheim Jensen
Acting consultant: Brit Lossiust
Puppet maker: Sjur Odden Skjeldal
Technician / designer: David Skauen
Producers: Frida Odden Brinkmann/Vilde Broen
Co-producers:, Fredrikstad kommune, Ostfold Fylkeskommune and FFUK.

This tragicomic story is a combination of puppetry and contemporary circus.

“1 ½” (One and a half) is about the puppeteer Antero and his struggle against boredom, loneliness, silly love letters, aggressive birds and nostalgic memories. Antero used to be famous juggler, but now have become a lonely man. Lonely, but not alone. He has a bump on his back. He does not know it, but the bump is actually half a person, whose name is Andrea. Ironically, she has a bump on her bottom, that turns out to be Antero. All their life they have not known about each other´s existence. They finally meet and learn to juggle together.

The show “1½” is Frida’s latest creation, the premiere of the show was in 2013. It is also her first solo show and first experience of puppet theatre.
Show is suitable for everyone from the age of 5.

Frida Odden Brinkmann was born in Norway, in 1983. She started to juggle at the age of just 9 years old. Later she studied at the Academy for Untamed Creativity in Copenhagen and Cirkus Piloterna, Cirkus Cirkor school in Stockholm, as well as L’Académie Fratellini in Paris. Frida Odden Brinkmann works as a professional juggler since 2008. She had worked in such legendary juggler collectives as Jérôme Thomas Cie, Gandini Juggling and NoFit State Circus. Frida is one of few female jugglers, who can control 9 balls in so called bouncing juggling technique. She won the Solo Ball Bouncing Numbers competition at ISA 2006 with 25 catches of 9 balls.

Frida’s personality and style complements her virtuoso juggling. She has a feminine charm and is not afraid of challenges. In her show “1½” she finds new ways to express herself and further develops her own style.

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Photo: Andreas Bergman