Performance Sens dessus dessous“

Friday, August 9,  at 10:15 PM Opera square
Saturday, August 10, at 9:45 PM Opera square

Performers and co-authors
Simon Bruyninckx
Vincent Bruyninckx
Juliette Correa
Arne Sabbe
Director: Daems Jan Metteur

„Collectif Malunés” exists since 2009, bringing together four young circus artists, two of whom only in March this year completed their studies at the French National Circus Arts Centre (Centre National des Arts du Cirque). This young and vibrant company combines in their shows elements of the street theatre, air acrobatics and power gymnastics, offering energetic, high quality performance without any words.

In Riga, „Collectif Malunés” will perform their newest creation „Sens dessus dessous“.

“Sens Dessus Dessous” is a sparking performance about the three men and one women. The story already told somewhere before – when one of them take the bite of the apple, everything swirls into a effervescent vortex…

Bright colours and adventurous spirit, bodies and clothes flying in the air – everything is smooth and easy like a child’s play, into which the viewer is drawn. They love to play – with their bodies, with one another, with the other objects, with clichés, symbols and stories.

The explosive show brought them Grand Prix at the annual festival “MiramirO” (Belgium) in 2011.

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Photo: Jason van Lith