Saturday, August 10, at 10:00 PM on AB dambis Music stage

The band was created in 1996. „Theodor Bastard” is one of the most successful contemporary Russian world music collectives. There are six musicians in the band who use plenty of electronic devices and special acoustic instruments like various ethnic percussions, kazu, saz and others. “Eight Methods To Pick Up A Lady” is the debut album who was released in 1996 and it combines elements from noise and ambient music. The last album „Oikoumene” was released in 2012.

„Theodor Bastard” extraordinary music comes by combining world music, neofolk and trip-hop with Indian and Arabic vocal tradition. Yana Veva has a rare vocal timbre which together with percussions, Near East and Central Asian string instruments and various electronic devices, create a memorable experience of sound.

The band so far has recorded eight albums. Musicians are always collaborating with other artists from Europe and United States.

One of the band’s members Fyodor also uses the instruments that he had invented and contrived with his own hand of improvised material such as coconuts, door springs, empty bottles, and plastic.

„Theodor Bastard” impresses with its professional sound, united mood and emotional charge. Each song by its sound is unique and different from the rest with its stylistics and mood.

Fyodor Svoloch – guitar, electronics, vocal
Yana Veva – vocal
Monti – keyboards, sampling
Kusas – percussion, drum-programing
Andy V.Dmitriev – percussion


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