LA MEUTE (France)
Show “Creation 2012/2013”

Saturday, August 10, at 11:15 PM on AB dambis Circus stage

Performers and co-authors
Arnau Serra-Vila
Bahoz Temaux
Julien Auger
Mathieu Lagaillarde
Sidney Pin
Thibaut Brignier

“In the age of individualism they choose cooperation” 

On the stage, street or anywhere else they attract the public and lure it to the world where dialogue is played out through amazing potential of the human body’s ability. La Meute provoke their own and audiences fears – its a game where everyone participates. Jumps and somersaults at the hight of 8 meters, seeming lack of balance remind the viewer that what is happening is real. They do not have to tell stories  – during the show, morphing in to a moving sculpture, the message is the human body itself.

La Meute represents French nouveau cirque. About five years ago, the six young acrobats met at the Rosny-sous-Bois National School of Circus Arts in France. After the studies, the young artists went to further their education at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm.
They share the love of the game and risk taking. More important then the individual is collective work, trust and confidence in each other –  in acrobatics it is what matters the most. In their performances, “La Meute” uses a variety of acrobatic techniques, but most of all they are like to blend them all together.

“In the name of our collective utopia, we mix it all” (La Meute)


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Photo: Ben Hopper