“MagManus Show”

Saturday, August 10, at 6:45 PM on AB dambis Circus stage

Performers and co-authors
Manu Tiger
Magnus Bjoru

“Magmanus vision: to spread happiness and inspire the audience to follow their dreams.”

A small, angry and very passionate acrobat and a huge, oafish, but lovely juggler. Together, they execute sophisticated technical tricks, making the audience laugh themselves in stitches. In addition to virtuoso juggling, awe-inspiring flips, breathtaking diving jumps, amazing acrobatics and untamed boldness, the artists do not forget to involve their audience in the show. After seeing their performance, good mood and warm-heartedness is guaranteed!
The show won the first price for best outdoor show, as voted by the audience in “Miramiro Festival” in Gent, Belgium in 2012, and at the “Feria de Teatro de Castilla y León” in Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain 2010th

The French-Norwegian duo “MagManus” started with a joke in 2009. The meeting of Manu Tiger and Magnus Bjoru  happened few years after the graduation of school. At the time both had been professional artists  for six years. Manu was working on a show with another artist, but he found himself mainly training alone and this one particular time was one time too many.  The same day Magnus happened to be working on his techniques in the very same hall, and since they had not met for a quite long time, they both walked towards each other. After saying hello, Manu casually asked what Magnus was doing for the summer. He got the surprising answer: “I’m going to make a show with you…” After a minute or two of silence, brains scanning trough the possibilities for the skills and personalities joined together. The silence was broken by a simultaneous “OK, LET’S DO IT! “

Two weeks later, they were in the streets performing a sketch of the “MagManus” show. The public’s reaction was so positive, that they decided to create a company and a full show. Since then, “MagManus” have performed their show in 18 countries and on three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia, in all different kinds of venues (theatres, traditional circus tents, in the streets, at festivals and more).

Cooperation of the audience, playful spirit and improvisation is the key to the success for this duo.
The group’s vision is to spread happiness and inspire the audience to follow their dreams. They are aware, that it is a big challenge. However, it is important to set the goals high and they both are confident that their impressive circus skills, humour and active public involvement in the show are all great weapons to achieve this objective. The artists’ visual contrast – tall and short – highlights the diversity of their personalities. As revealed by the artists themselves – they complement each other in personal and professional lives. The differences between the two artists have created a strong link between them. Their disparateness is their strength.

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