“Musica Mobile”  

Friday, August 8, at 7:00 p.m., and Saturday, August 9, at 7:00 p.m. at the Laima Clock
With the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers‘ programme «Culture and Art»

Cirka Teater has made its mark with a rich, visual, theatrical language. The Group is one of the most experienced groups in the performing art scene in Norway. Anne Marit Sæther and Gilles Berger established Cirka Teater in 1984, and they both have a background in art schools in France. Cirka Teater receives annual grants from the Norwegian Arts Council and Trondheim Municipality. The size of Cirka Teater’s team varies with activity. In full production there can be dozens of people involved, but the solid core consists of Anne Marit Saether, Gilles Berger and Monica Stendahl Rokne.

Musika Mobile is initially developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Air Force Band, but in Riga it will be played with local brass band Auseklītis  and is the story about a traveling circus and its director; Moldon. His pride and joy is Musika Mobile, a gigantic music box on wheels. The trouble starts when the music machine crashes into a peaceful band concert. Musika Mobile is a spectacular show that evolves around opposites. Between the shabby theater troupe and an orderly, polished band, between man and machine, between noise and music, and what to do when the road to harmony seems impossible.

The situation escalates when the fantastic Musika Mobile explodes, the music stops and the petite dancer is caught inside the machine’s works.

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Cast :
Composer: Trygve Brøske
Director: Anne Marit Sæther
Stage design: Gilles Berger
Conductor: Torodd Wigum
Band: Luftforsvarets musikkorps
Actors: Roar Kjølv Jensen, Elisabeth Piro Volan, Erlend Smalås, Ole Jørgen Melhus og Gilles Berger
Producer: Jorunn Dugstad