On 8 August at 6:30 pm, at the Riga Congress Center, New hall
Tickets available

Lusco Fusco and arises from the union of two of the most charismatic artists of the panorama of the new circus and physical theater of the region Galicia: Alfredo Pérez: Circanelo, and Pablo Pyrenean: Trasno. Both have been training circus, physical theater and dance, and a have a very similar work experience, based on one man street shows with direct contact and communication with their public and theater shows with characters that arise from fisicaliade body. The two will be the creators, generators material and performers of the show, with Pablo Sanchez as a codirector of  the piece.

Encontros (Meeting in english) is shoz that is looking for a new scenic code. A new language in the movement, a new communication channel . Encontros refers not only to an encounter between two people . It refers to meeting the physical , the emotional meeting and meeting as the meeting between opposites.

It is a multidisciplinary show , where physical theater , dance and circus are combined to create a code of self expression. The physical and interpretive skills of the actors will be the canvas on which emotions will draw the story, where the characters questions human relationships ; showing all colors that are within each of us  from exposing the truest kindness to the most extreme evil. Humor and virtuosity will be their tools.

More information about the artists

Idea: Pablo Reboleiro and Fredi Muíño
Performance: Pablo Reboleiro  and Alfredo Perez
Direction: Pablo Sánchez
Chorographes: David Loira and Alexis Fernández, Fran Pérez “NARF”
Lights: Afonso Castro
Costume design: Clotilde Vaello
Constructions: David do Rei “Fino”
Video: Marghe – Oroboro Films
Photo: Elisa Gianni
Graphic design: Isaac Piñeiro