“Sulky M1”

Aat Dirks is not the kind of guy who’s afraid of getting his hands dirty, on the contrary, the times his hands are clean are very rare indeed and can be counted on the fingers of one hand. His moustache shows every sign of functioning like ivy and eventually covers his whole face. To round this off he has a pronounced provincial accent with the deep rustic tones of which would have been the envy of Monthy Python fans everywhere. Wherever he appears his moustache never fails to leave all awestruck and effusive with their admiration.  He has often been used in successful therapeutic treatments for the depressed ones, who after short exposure to his personality return home skipping and reinvigorated into the arms of their cheering and clapping loved ones.

Sulky M1 is a hilarious, and slapstick romantic spectacle.  It is very heart-warming and not just because there is fire play.

He also provides successful and guaranteed seduction tips!

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