« SIE7E »

Above all they are here to tell stories.

They say they always loved to listen them, so finally they decided to start telling theirs, in the way they like. Always seeking; inside the language, the images, the twists, the form, the format, the container and the contents… Always taking the maximum care in each word, each detail, each millimeter of the long road to walk by. Always with a clear and obvious goal.

Ymedioteatro creates SIE7E, an innovative show for all ages that merges street and indoor theatre. A detailed miniature stage where the biggest dreams take place.

A theatre on wheels.

Inside it, in a little more than SEVEN square meters are three performers and fifteen spectators during the time of no more than ten minutes.

A pretty special theatre.

Surprising comedy sketches based on the manipulation of everyday objects that come alive magically ant tell us their emotional stories.

More about the artist : http://www.ymedioteatro.com/

Concept : ymedioteatro
Actors/Puppeteers : Álex Ramos, Meri Fernández and Santos Sánchez
Scenery design : ymedioteatro
Scenery construction : ymedioteatro, Pedro Sánchez and Isabel Torres
Graphic design : Olaavi Naamio
Direction : ymedioteatro