Kaktiņš un Stūrītis

Mārtiņš Jansons

Mārtiņš Kuzmins

Friday, August 8th, at. 18:00 on the ‘Esplanāde 2014’ stage

The duo was formed in 2011 when Mārtiņš Jansons had just recently moved to his new home in Liepaja – Mārtiņš Kuzmins had already been living there for some time. As a result of various factors colliding, these two musicians came together to form a duo. M. Jansons „stimulates” various instruments whereas M. Kuzmins takes care of the rhythm section.

„Kaktiņš un Stūrītis” find inspiration for their musical stories within the Latvian national identity.

Free-form musical phrases form within a relaxed gamut, and the sonic search for identity develops on the background of industrial, social and historical soundtracks. This music should be taken as a synopsis to a yet undescribed process or a fact. Or a notion. Within the realm of the Latvian