Kate & Pasi (Finland)


25 min show for all ages / free of charge in the city / 

Old town, Kalku street 28

23.-25. august at 18:00

The original and full of humour outdoor show for family audiences reveals a story about a relationship between a man and a woman presenting hand to hand acrobatics and foot juggling. During the performance we will get to know how does a 50 kg woman win over a 100 kg man? How does it evolve into a relationship when two people of different sizes meet? Who leads and who follows?

Finnish artists Katerina Repponen and Pasi Nousiainen were brought together by their passion for hand to hand acrobatics. Their hand to hand and foot juggling act allowed them to compete in the ÓGolden KarlÓ International Circus Festival in Latvia 2014, where they won the Silver prize. They have also had the opportunity to work in many traditional circuses, contemporary circuses, variety shows, street performances, and theatre productions in Europe and the USA for companies such as Cirque Eloize, Krystallpalast Variete and Sirkus Finlandia. With the contemporary circus show Suhde they got recognition in several international festivals such as Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival, La MercŽ festival in Barcelona and Veregra Street Festival in Italy.