Julien Auger and Mikkel Hobitz (Sweden)

100% circus

Thursday, August 24, 19 o’clock, concert hall Palladium

60 min show appropriate for all ages

Two men wearing skirts are going through weird experiments.
Sometimes they obviously play with the nerves of the audience.
Sometimes they clearly do their best – and fail.
Sometimes they should obviously fail – but surprise with the success.

Besides that the show promises one finger stand,
hair hanging acrobatics, an aluminium pipe that sounds like an alphorn, tricks on Chinese pool, a credible levitationÉ All of this is developed in a chill and meditative atmosphere with a pinch of some Monty Python like humour.

Both Mikkel Hobitz (192 cm, 85 kg) and Julien Auger (168 cm, 57 kg) describe themselves as Swiss Army Knifes specialising in multidisciplinary tricks mix of acrobatics, juggling and Chinese pole and perch. In 2012 bothe took the exam on DOCH (Dance and Circus in Stockholm) and has since toured with various groups around the world until in 2015 they decided to work to together. In 2014 Julien was performing in RE RE RIGA! festival within circus company La Meute.