Psychological drama inspired by the visions of 19th century magicians intertwined with dreams, illusions, acrobatics inviting the spectators to open themselves to the ultimate search for the truth, amusing indoor and outdoor shows charged with fierce spoofing for adults and families – all this will be available for everyone to experience during the contemporary circus & street art festival RE RIGA! from 23 through to 25 August in Riga.

“The festival is organized for the fifth year already; however, it seems that this is the year when people want to know what exactly the term ‘contemporary circus’ actually means”, contemplates Mārtiņš Ķibers, the director of RE RIGA!, “and thanks to our multi-dimensional repertoire this year we will have this question answered.”

This year the programming team has put a lot of effort into selecting artists specifically from Sweden and Finland. Contemporary circus in these countries has experienced swift upswing in popularity during the last decade. As it grew in popularity it manifested itself as being very complex form of art yet very open. Masterclasses and educational activities here are well attended by the most diverse audience.

Show Départ by Finnish troupe WHS will be a good example of the state of this art in Finland. This is the story about 2 people, a couple, who experiences a state of alienation fuses new magic, theatre, dance, visual artistry and unique costume design craftsmanship.

Another Finnish company Kate & Pasi will perform Suhde – a street production for the whole family is a story about relationship between a man and a woman in an original and humorous way by utilising such techniques as acrobatics and leg juggling. This sounds as funny as it looks complex. During the show the audience will be able to see how a 50 kg woman can outdo a 100 kg man, how their different personalities can get along and who is the one in charge in this relationship after all.

The show 100% circus by performers Julien Auger (France) and Mikkel Hobitz (Denmark) will feature fierce spoofing and air acrobatics while hanging in braided hair, balancing on one finger, tricks with the Chinese pole, musical performance using aluminium pipes and other Monty Python worthy activities.

The company Ricochet (USA) is bringing show Smoke and Mirrors to RE Riga!. During the performance, the audience will be invited to take a journey to search for the truth with poetic acrobatics in an intense and uncompromising way thus showing the other much serious side of the contemporary circus.

For the first time this year all the indoor performances will take place in concert hall Palladium, which is the perfect venue to allow all the elements of the contemporary circus like acrobatics, music and theatre play out in all their entirety and guarantees the best enjoyment for the audience in terms of audio and visual experience.

Tickets for the RE RIGA! shows are available online at from 25 April. Early bird tickets will be available at a lower price.

The festival is supported by Riga City Council and State Culture Capital Foundation.

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