Dystonia is a neurological disorder causing uncontrolled movement.
The show Dystonia is a celebration to living beings, even minerals. Even if it’s stupid, it seems important. It is a living language made of movement and juggling.

Defracto considers a juggling performance as a sculpture. By improvising, experimenting and writing for the stage, they create raw material from the body and juggling. From this block of clay, they carve and refine. They take time to contemplate the shape which is appearing, looking at it from different viewpoints. Defracto’s performers are interested in the body’s qualities which may be linked to the ugly, the insane and the funny. They practice with dedication and fun, and they are pretty sure that juggling unites bodies to objects in time and space. More than a connection with objects, juggling is their relationship to the outside world.
Juggling is their way of being in the world.

The show Dystonia is created in 2017.

Jury prize of the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain 2009
The First Prize of the International Festival of Juggling in Images 2009
Laureate of the Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe 2010
Best Circus Show Prize of the Valladolid International Festival 2015

On Wednesday, August 21 at 20.00 in the Riga Circus arena.

Duration: 50 minutes
Discipline: Juggling
Age: 5+
Concept, creation: William Swift, Kim Van Tran, André Hidalgo
Performers: Guillaume Martinet, Joseph Viatte, André Hidalgo
Music: Sylvain Quement
Co-directed by Eric Longequel
Set design: Alrik Reynaud
Costumes: Eve Ragon
Technique: Gregory Adoir
Production: Mathilde Froger Jérôme board (ASIN Production)

By attending this show, you agree:
– to be photographed and/or filmed,
– to give permission to use your likeness in promotional and/or marketing materials.