The Nordic Council started out organically through material made independently and in duos by the three members whilst at Codarts Rotterdam. It consists of three members from three different Nordic countries: Jakob Jacobsson – Sweden, Merri Heikkilä – Finland and Bjarni Árnasson – Iceland.

“Three Men from the North” is the first show of the Nordic Council. It is still in creation, so during the festival RE RIGA! we will see the work-in-progress. The premiere is planned for November 2019.

The show is about awkwardness, about a hard days work, tradition and routines. It is about coffee and knitted woollen clothing. It is a show steeped in tradition and nostalgia built on contemporary circus practices.
Working with topics and themes drawn from the North, the Nordic Council works with combinations of juggling and live music as well as spoken word and aerial rope. The show is as blunt and to the point in a way that only Finnish humour can be, Swedishly self-aware and with a hint of Icelandic peculiarity. Emphasis has been put on the combination of live music and juggling, and other forms of co-dependence in performance.

On Tuesday, August 20 at 20.00 in the Riga Circus arena.
Free admission.

Duration: 50 minutes
Disciplines: juggling, aerial rope, live music, spoken word
For all audiences.
Concept, creation & performance: Jakob Jacobsson, Merri Heikkilä, Bjarni Árnasson
Outside eye: Erin Burley

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– to be photographed and/or filmed,
– to give permission to use your likeness in promotional and/or marketing materials.