So that the inhabitants and visitors of Riga, especially the younger ones, could not only see but also have their own circus experience, during RE RIGA! Festival which is one of the activities of the Riga City Festival, the playground of the Riga Circus School will be created, allowing everyone to try out different circus disciplines.

The ability to juggle, to maintain balance and focus, acting skills, agility and good collaborative skills – it all comes in useful not only in the circus setting but also in life in general. Everyone, regardless of his or her experience, age, communication skills or agility level will get a chance to test their skills in the playground of the Riga Circus School!

The playground will operate in Dzegužkalns Park in parallel with the circus performance programme on 15th and 16th of August from 1 pm till 4 pm. Children will have the opportunity to learn circus skills with lecturers from the Riga Circus: Dmitrijs Pudovs, Maija Sukute, Aleksandrs Beļackis, and five assistants to the lecturers teaching at the Riga Circus School.

The playground of the Riga Circus School will be divided into three thematic areas: “Object manipulation”, “Agility obstacle course” and “Huge bubble workshop”. The design of the playground will allow children of different ages to learn about different circus disciplines and acquire basic skills.

Area I: Object manipulation with Poi

Two activities will be offered in this area: Poi manufacturing workshop and Poi training workshop.
Originated in New Zealand around 1500 AD, Poi is an art of object manipulation. It basically involves the manipulation of two strings with weights tied at the end, and the Poi artist swings tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometrical patterns. Nowadays fire Poi is the most common Poi seen on the circus stage – where weights are set on fire and manipulated to create a magical visual effect. However, regular Poi – in daylight without flaming weights – is also highly popular for bringing spectacular performance and being an exciting hobby.

In the Poi manufacturing workshop, children and young people will be encouraged to make their own practice Poi kit using tennis-balls and a piece of string. They could use the Poi kit to participate in the object manipulation workshop and later take it home to practice their acquired skills.

Area II: The world of huge bubbles

This workshop will bring joy not only of its participants but also will conjure up a festive atmosphere for passers-by.
In the workshop for making of soap bubble tools assistants of the Riga Circus School will show visitors how to make tools from cotton cord and wooden dowel rods for blowing huge bubbles.

Those who will have already made their own soap bubbles could attend the Soap bubble blowing workshop – marked areas with bowls filled with soap bubble solution, – and try out the newly made bubble wand.

Area III: Agility obstacle course

In order to ensure distancing between children, the Agility obstacle course will be designed as a labyrinth. At each stage of it, children will be given a task – to strike a pose, jump over obstacles, solve riddles, recognise circus paraphernalia, etc. It will be a great challenge for the body and mind.

Appropriate precautionary and sanitary measures will be ensured on the playground of the Riga Circus School.

By attending activities available on the playground of the Riga Circus School, you agree that:
– you or your child might be photographed and/or filmed,
– to give permission to use your or your child’s likeness in promotional and/or marketing materials.

The playground of the Riga Circus School at the Riga City Festival is supported by Riga City Council and the Education, Culture, and Sports Department of Riga City Council