Under the direction of circus artist Alexey Smolov, the festival “Re Riga!” Venues – Zeļļu Street 25 surrounding park, buildings and Āgenskalns-inspired performance “Thread”, which will be attended by Estonian acrobats Lizeth Wolk and Anna Krazy, as well as Lithuanian air acrobat Konstantin Kosovets. The performance will include elements of the circus genres represented by the artists – elements of aerial acrobatics, contemporary dance and flexibility.

Aleksey Smolov is a contemporary circus artist and teacher who currently lives in the Baltics. I practiced martial arts for 10 years before being introduced to the performing arts – circus and dance – and I fell in love with it. The Wheel of Sire became the artist’s apparatus of passion in this continuous adventure and a means of exploring the external and internal worlds. Acquiring knowledge of the performing arts, mainly in a self-taught way, he finally entered the academic environment of the university, attending independent courses at the Circus Department of Stockholm University of the Arts to deepen his artistic and technical skills. In her artistic career, she has participated in various exhibitions, which include venues, collaborative projects and site-specific performances with many beautiful artists. Aleksejs: I am a co-author and creator and performer of the first Latvian contemporary circus and dance performance “Faux Pas”, mostly performed in the Baltics and abroad, introducing the Latvian artistic language to the audience of Hungary, Sweden and Japan. In addition, I am very pleased to share the knowledge and skills gained during years of practice, performance and studies with the students of the Riga Circus School, where I have been working since its establishment in 2017 as the main circus teacher. ”

Lizeth Wolk manages tools like aerial hoop / lyra / ring. He is fascinated by the simple and at the same time complex nature of these circus tools and the possibility to use them as a supplement to his body, a new limb. After graduating from the Finnish Circus School, Lizete creates both solo performances and is the founder of the Estonian circus association “The Big Wolf Company”, which started working in 2015 with the show “Eternal dinner”, and the association’s new production “Three Sisters” will also be shown at the festival.

Anna Kristin McCarthy is a contemporary circus artist and director, a mother of 2 boys. Believe in art and beauty. She has been focusing on circus art since the age of 8, having studied at the Estonian Circus Studio Cirkus Folie, the Theaterhojskole Musik in Denmark and contemporary dance in Berlin and Viljandi. The life of her street artist began in 2016, when she discovered the magic of street festivals. He is currently performing with his solo show “All strings attached”, which combines elements of acrobatics, dance and flexibility.

Konstantin Kosovets is a circus self-taught from Lithuania. In his performances, he combines a variety of techniques: object manipulation, fire juggling, aerial acrobatics, capoeira and Chinese card. Konstantin, together with Alexei Smolov and Elena Kosovets, has formed a circus association “Taigi Cirkas” and is working on a new show “Up to This Point”. The artist regularly teaches master classes in the Baltic States, as well as in Europe and Russia.

Wednesday, 25 August 18.45–19.30 in an open-air area at Zeļļu street 25 in Āgenskalns

Duration: 30 minutes
No age limit
Entrance free of charge

Music: Ēvalds Lazarevičs

By attending the show you agree that:
• you can be photographed and fimed;

Your image can be used during TV and Internet broadcasts, movies, photos, audiovisual recordings, etc. mass media publications.