In 2019, Džiugas completed the contemporary circus courses in the prep school Flix, where he gained the qualification in acro partnering and acrobat. For the last several years, he works more with the contemporary dance and Brazilian dance art Capoeira. He is currently working as a freelance actor, dancer, acrobat.

This performance is an acrobatic expression of a passive state. In the social media, term „Mood“ is used to describe recognizable situation in which emotions exceed all limits of human logical behavior. The creative process focuses on the action of falling and the images it raises, as well as the “depressive body”, its recognizability in the physical and psychological sense and how such a passive body affects active disciplines of performing arts. Street version and enclosed space version of the performance are possible.

Tuesday, 24 August 19.00–19.30 in an open-air area at Zeļļu street 25 in Āgenskalns
Wednesday, 25 August 18.00–18.30 in an open-air area at Zeļļu street 25 in Āgenskalns

Duration: 30 minutes
No age limit
Entrance free of charge


By attending the show you agree that:
• you can be photographed and fimed;

• Your image can be used during TV and Internet broadcasts, movies, photos, audiovisual recordings, etc. mass media publications.