Dmitry Pudov began his work in 2005 with a project “Fire spirit”. Initially, the activity was more related to the Eastern struggles and the demonstration of professional fights, later on the main staging of fire shows became an occupation. Although “Fire Spirit” still continues to develop these directions, as the main occupation has become a very popular field of visual juggling in the world today development. Dmitrijs has been a teacher at the Riga Circus School since 2017.

Monday, 23 August 20.30–20.50 in an open-air area at Zeļļu street 25 in Āgenskalns
Tuesday, 24 August 20.30–20.50 in an open-air area at Zeļļu street 25 in Āgenskaln

Duration: 20 minutes
No age limit
Entrance free of charge


By attending the show you agree that:
• you can be photographed and fimed;

• Your image can be used during TV and Internet broadcasts, movies, photos, audiovisual recordings, etc. mass media publications.