Kanta Company is three circus artists from three different countries – Finland, Lithuania, and USA – who aspire to create entertaining but thought provoking circus. “Onstage is where we feel the most alive – circus forces us to be present. By bringing everyday situations and issues onstage we want to give the audience new perspectives on their lives via the transformative experience of circus, creating a world where the everyday is extraordinary, and the real becomes surreal.”

Their show “107 Ways to Deal with Pressure” is a tool to talk about pressure. Feelings of stress and pressure are part of being human – everyone experiences them. Unreachable expectations, stress, burnouts – in modern day life these factors are treated as normal. What’s more, the situation in the world, the pandemic, climate change, and all kinds of uncertainty in our lives only pile on more pressure on top of personal problems. It seems impossible to live these days without a constant feeling of pressure.

That’s why it is important to talk about these topics publicly so that we can avoid more serious problems in the future and break the stigma of sharing these kinds of things. We want to help the audience realize they are not alone, and equip them with ways to deal with pressure, to use it as a source of strength and inspiration instead of something that makes us weak.

Photo credit : Donatas Ališauskas

The show is a part of the “Rīgas vasara 2022” program.